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Nevada state police agencies employees

Any employee, sworn or civilian, active or retired, of any Nevada state police agency is eligible to become a member of the Nevada Police Union. 

-Supporting the employees of Nevada state police agencies since 1972


Legal Protections
Member Representation
Hardships & Scholarhips

Nevada Police Union,
Protecting our Members…

Our members have exclusive access to benefits that protect both our members and their families.  As a member of NPU, you’ll have access to legal protection for both on and off-duty needs, a hardship fund, college tuition assistance, scholarships, and death benefits should the unthinkable happen.

Mission Statement

To provide for the protection and well-being of Nevada’s peace officers and public safety employees through representation in matters related to compensation, benefits, and working conditions to ensure our communities receive the highest level of service.

Established in 1972. Unionized in 2020.

Member Dues

Retired Employee

Sworn & Civilian
  • Legal coverage for issues arising from your time in service+ This feature is included
  • Access to legal services at a reduced rate from NPU law firm for matters pertaining to workers compensation, estate planning, family law, and PERS consultation services.
  • Periodic newsletters
  • Access to members only NPU website
  • Eligible to join National Police Credit Union
  • Family members eligible to apply for NPU college scholarships
  • Voting rights and representation on the NPU Board
  • NPU key chain and bumper sticker

Member Benefits

As an active member in good standing with the union, the following benefits are available to you…

Fallen Officer’s Fund

The unthinkable.  What would happen if you were killed in the line of duty?  In conjunction with the Nevada Police Foundation, our members have peace of mind knowing that immediate financial assistance will be provided to their family and dependents if they are killed in the line of duty.

Administrative Legal Services

Reese Ring & Velto provides the legal plan for union members. As a member, this valuable plan provides you with 24-hour coverage for both duty-related criminal and administrative actions.  Our legal plan has you covered off the job as well.  Members get two 30-minute consultations for non-work related legal issues, plus discounted legal services for matters of workers compensation, family law, estate planning, will, and homestead preparation.  The legal coverage is part of every membership plan and cannot be excluded. The legal plan’s cost is already included in your monthly dues price, and is a small price to pay for peace of mind protection. The benefit is available to both sworn, civilian, and retired members.

Are you a retired Nevada State peace officer from a PERS CAT I agency?  We’ve got you covered as well.  As an NPU retired-member, you are exclusively covered for legal issues arising from your time in active service.

24 Hours a Day – 7 Days a Week – 365 Days a Year

PORAC Legal Defense Fund

Criminal and civil defense is provided through the PORAC Legal Defense Fund (LDF).  LDF provides legal representation for officers facing criminal or civil actions arising from acts or omissions occurring within their scope of their employments.  LDF has represented Peace Officers since 1974 and is the nation’s largest and most respected public safety legal plan with a proven record of excellence and is managed by peace officers for peace officers.

GGRM Law Firm

Injury Protection

Established in 1970, GGRM Law Firm has been at the forefront of advocating for the rights of injured Nevadans. The firm prides itself on its client-centric approach, providing comprehensive support that extends beyond legal representation to include dedicated medical teams and first responder liaisons. 
In their commitment and appreciation to the police and firefighter community, they provide a reduced fee for services.  
With offices in Las Vegas and Reno, GGRM is committed to offering expert legal counsel, operating under the guiding principle, “Your Rights. Your Recovery. Your Future. You Matter to Us!” 

Hardship Fund

NPU members have exclusive access to the Hardship Fund managed by the Nevada Police Foundation. This fund has been used to assist members in a variety of ways including, but not limited to, such things as medical bills and other unavoidable incidents that have resulted in a serious financial burden to the member.

Scholarship Fund

The children and eligible dependants of NPU members, both active and retired, are eligible to apply for college scholarships.  Details about the scholarship’s eligibility requirements and application process can be found here.

Columbia Southern University

The Nevada Police Union believes in investing in the professional developement of our members.  That’s why we have partnered with Columbia Southern University.  Columbia Southern University offers NPU members the ability to obtain an online degree in several fields of study all the way from an Associate’s Degree to a Doctorial Degree.  Columbia Southern University’s flexible course schedule and start dates ensure that no matter what shift your working, getting or completing your college degree, is well within reach.  NPU members receive discounted tuition prices and are eligible to apply for exclusive scholarships.

For more information about obtaining a college degree from Columbia Southern University, click here.


At the direction of the Board of Directors, the union’s lobbyists works with the legislature, and other government representatives, on any legislative measures that would improve the benefits for Nevada Police Union members.  Efforts focus on compensation, benefits, retirement security, and legislation that effects law enforcement officers.


National Police Credit Union

NPU members are eligible to become members of the National Police Credit Union (NPCU).  NPCU understands the unique needs of the law enforcement community it serves.  Loan forgivness in the event of a line of duty death is just one way NPCU serves those unique needs.

To find out more about the National Police Credit Union, click here.

CAHP Credit Union 

NPU Category 1 members are eligible to become members of the CAHP Credit Union.  They are a full-service organization offering a range of financial services to peace officers.  Give them a call at 800.542.2247 or check out for their services and rates. 

Entertainment, Travel, & Shopping Discounts

You work hard while on-duty, and you make sacrifices that are unique to your chosen profession.  So, when it comes to your off-duty time, you deserve to play and have fun.  Whether it’s romantic dinner, a night out with the crew, or your dream family vacation, we’ve got you covered.

Through our partnership with Tickets at Work, NPU members get special discounts on tickets to Disney Parks, Universal Studios, and many other theme parks and attractions.  NPU members also get special discounts on hotels, car rentals, and shopping deals.

These deals are exclusive to NPU members.  So, join NPU today to unlock, view, and take advantage of these offers.

Spectrum Advisory Group is founded on a family tradition of law enforcement, and they know the financial and insurance needs of police officers are different. As officers, we face unique challenges and risks every day, and they have specifically designed supplemental benefits to protect you and your family.

Two policies that separate Spectrum from everyone else are Admin Duty and Light Duty Disability. These benefits will supplement your monthly income if you are placed on Administrative Leave for an incident or are placed on Light Duty for an On or Off duty injury. They truly understand the financial implications we face when we are injured or going through the administrative leave process.

Some other great benefits include Hospital Indemnity, Cancer, Intensive Care, Heart and Stroke.

Check out these videos explaining these great benefits!

Summary of Spectrum Benefits Video

Benefit Summary Document

Leaders Life Insurance

Gateway Mortgage 

Gateway Mortgage is offering to members the American Dream Program which is designed to offer a lender credit up to 0.5% of the loan amount applied towards closing costs.  For more details check out the flyer or their website: 

View our flyer…

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