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NPU Family,
Happy start of our LARGEST raise in Nevada state policing history.  July 1st marked some historical milestones for us.  Although we still have work to do, lets bask in our successes for a while.  There are a few key points I’d like to emphasize. The raise is more significant than you think.  Its more than a 23% raise.  It’s a 2-grade bump with a 13% raise on that 2-grade bump.  That creates a wider $$$ spread. Think about it.  I know many thought the increased PERS contribution was an absolute necessity, but when it failed to get the Governor’s signature, it opened the door for an increased raise for us all next year.  Another 11% next year.  A good way to think about it is that the 11% will help in your retirement…the PERS bill would not have helped.  Many of you will also benefit immensely from the special pay adjustments.  Up to 15% more.  Don’t forget that all of Unit G will get that “extra” day off each fiscal year.  The State should be getting us the code for this extra day off soon for your timesheet.  I think the next paycheck will include the first of our uniform & equipment allowance, boot allowance,  retention bonus (2nd $500), education, and the 1st longevity bonus.  I’m fairly certain that the state will have some hiccups during the next few pay periods, just keep track and be sure to keep your supervisors in the loop.  We will all get what is owed to us…hopefully sooner than later. 
If you have not forwarded your info (education certs, bi-lingual, CIRT, etc….) to the proper place yet, make sure you do ASAP. An email came out recently that said there will be no back pay for the time that the state is NOT in receipt of those certs and qualification notices. 
I have received many inquiries into what we are doing about the veto of SB440 by the Governor.  Without getting into too much detail (which is boring)…we are working diligently to try to resolve this without having to file a lawsuit against the state.  A lawsuit is not always the easiest path and could take a long time with a negative result.  Stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks/months.  Add our Juneteenth grievance, audit for past holiday pay, past annual leave accrual into that mix. Just remember we are on top of it.  Patience.
Some of you are aware and some are not, but the publicity of the historic raises is influencing recruitment and retention.  Many have reached out to me expressing their desire to remain with the state.  This is great news.  Like many of you, it was a kick in the teeth for us to lose so many good people to outside agencies because of pay.  We will still lose people, but I think those numbers are dwindling.  Also, DPS specifically, has seen a huge increase in the number of applicants. Last month, up in the north, the recruitment event/physical agility testing saw a turnout of almost 50 applicants.  That about 10X what we have gotten in the past few years.  Let’s hope this pace keeps up.  We need to hire good applicants to keep Nevada safe for the citizens and visitors to our state. 
Lastly, I want to address some concerns that have been consistently brought to my attention.  The supervisors. Sergeants and Lieutenants specifically.  Please Please Please remember that we continue to fight for you, but it is NOT our fault that we don’t have as strong of a voice for you right now.  The blame must be placed where it belongs….on the state of NV.  They are the ones that placed you in a unit that delayed our abilities to get you a voice in collective bargaining.  They are the ones that restricted the ability to share in our CBA.  GOOD NEWS….we are almost ready to file for unionization for your group.  We are shooting for the next few weeks and then the work begins.  Just please, have some patience while we make the push.  Andy Granata is doing an amazing job with this effort.  If you have any questions regarding this process, please email him at
Please go to our social media platforms and be sure to follow/like them.  We share a ton of important info and updates on those platforms.
Facebook – Nevada Police Union
Instagram – NVPoliceunion
Twitter – @NVpoliceunion
As always, feel free to reach out to me directly, or any of your NPU Board members. 



Calling All Supervisors

Greetings supervisors,
As we move into the implementation of the supervisory bargaining unit, I would like to take the opportunity to formally introduce myself. I am a Nevada native, graduating from the University of Nevada, Reno with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. Upon graduation, I was hired by the Department of Public Safety, Division of Highway Patrol and assigned to West Wendover. I have been employed with DPS for approximately twelve years, occupying an array of different assignments throughout the state. I have been assigned to the Dignitary Protection Detail, as a Trooper within the Carson Tahoe Minden, and Reno Urban Traffic Division. Additionally, I have supervised swing shift and graveyard operations as a Sergeant, and have been assigned to Internal Affairs. Recently, I was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to rural operations, prior to returning to Reno and being assigned to special assignments and traffic operations. 
Please allow me to transition into the status of the supervisory unit, and what we need from you.  
SB166 was approved in June, which has allocated supervisory employees (Sergeants and Lieutenants) the right to establish a collective bargaining unit as of July 1, 2023. Our goal is to utilize the success of the Nevada Police Union to achieve recognition as THE bargaining unit for all qualified supervisory employees. To achieve this goal, the Nevada Police Union (NPU) must represent the majority (51%) of all eligible supervisory staff. Upon completion, NPU will consult with the Labor Relations Unit for recognition and endorsement. 
What the supervisory unit needs from you… All Non-NPU members that occupy the rank of Sergeant or Lieutenant, are encouraged to support/recognize NPU as their collective bargaining unit. This can be achieved by enrolling into NPU as a member or endorsing the union by signing the authorization for representation waiver. 
I encourage everyone to open the dialog amongst their colleagues and associates. This process requires exigency, as we need majority and approval prior to discussing the incentives and elements within the proposed collective bargaining unit. 
Please contact me if you have any questions.
Andy Granata


Membership Benefits

Education/Special Pay Adjustment

We have received a lot of questions about how members can receive their special pay adjustment for bi-lingual or sign language skills.  Please contact your Human Resources Department to discuss becoming certified and have them complete the necessary paperwork.

For your education pay, please submit proof of your degree to your Human Resources Department with your request to receive the pay.


Collective Bargaining Agreement

Please find the link to the most current Collective Bargaining Agreement which became effective July 1, 2023.



Golf Tournament Lottery

NPU is excited to announce that for the upcoming 23rd Annual Thin Blue Line Memorial Golf Classic being held August 18, 2023 at the Red Hawk Golf and Resort in Sparks we are able to sponsor 4 players for the event!  To be entered into the drawing send your name and contact info and names of your team members (if you have) to by 7/16/2023 so that we can notify the winners before the 7/18/2023 early registration deadline!


NPU Scholarships

Please contact to receive a scholarship application if you or a family member are planning to attend a college, university or a trade school in the Fall.  Deadline for applications is July 31, 2023.


Membership Updates


Welcome New Members

Travis Clinton
RaeAnn Brems
Treevanne Moses
Cerena Medina
Yvonne Morgon
Manolito Salvador
Cody Nielsen
Marvin Pascua
Julio Cesar Ponce
Julien Vazquez
Sean Koester
Nicholas Brancato
Aaron Glass
Wendy Remmers
Anfernee Casillan
Mark Gromis
David Bickel
Yektai Yung
Bruce Morgenstern





Sergeant Mike Bradford
Sergeant Matt Thompson
Lieutenant Desiree Mattice




Upcoming Events



The 2023 Board of Directors election will happen in August.   President, Supervisor-at-Large and Game Warden positions on the NPU Board of Directors are up for election this year.  If you have ever thought about joining the Board and can fill one of these positions, please let us know and we can give you some information about Board responsibilities/expectations and answer any other questions. 




Join the Nevada Police Foundation in honoring the 15 state officers who have died in the line of duty at our 23rd Annual Thin Blue Line Memorial Golf Classic.  The Nevada Police Foundation is the only charity designed specifically for state level law enforcement officers.  Sign up by July 18 to enjoy early bird pricing. 
Northern Nevada Golf Tournament – Nevada Police Foundation


In The News








Website/Social Media

NPU is in the process of updating its website so it may be unavailable for a period of time.  Be sure to check out and bookmark the new website at  If you have any issues accessing the new site or the member area, please contact

We have also been trying to be more active and provide additional information on our Facebook and Instagram pages.  Be sure to follow us! 


Field Notes

Share your photos of protecting and serving our great state!



Game Wardens on Duty!





Throw Back to the 90s!


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