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About Us

Our Story

“Guardians for state police employees of Nevada”

In 1972, the Nevada Highway Patrol Association was formed.  Our founding members formed the Association to protect and advocate for the rights and working conditions of Nevada State Troopers.

Now known as the Nevada Police Union, we currently represent both sworn and non-sworn members of the State Police, University Police, Department of Wildlife, State Parks, and the Department of Agriculture.

The Nevada Police Union is more than just a labor union.  It is a fraternal organization whose mission is to improve the lives of our members through advocacy, representation, and charitable activities.  The NPU works to advance legislation and policies that improve policing in Nevada, which benefits all residents and visitors to our state.  As the largest state level law enforcement union, we realize the importance of our role in advocating for excellence in policing.  We look to partner with all community leaders to help make Nevada a safe and prosperous place to call home.


50 years after our inception, I’m left wondering if our founding members could have ever dreamed of what was to come for their Association.  While our span of influence has significantly increased, our commitment to serve our brothers and sisters in state law enforcement has never waned and remains true to our founders’ intent.
Whether you are a peace officer, civilian employee, or a member of the public, we hope you will consider joining the Nevada Police Union, and help us to be a positive force for good.”

-Dan Gordon, President 

Legal Protections
Member Representation
Hardships & Scholarhips

Nevada Police Union

Protecting our Members …

We are a 501(c)(5) non-profit public service organization whose mission is to represent the collective interest of our members in matters involving compensation, benefits, and retirement security.

Mission Statement

To provide for the protection and well-being of Nevada’s peace officers and public safety employees through representation in matters related to compensation, benefits, and working conditions to ensure our communities receive the highest level of service.

Established in 1972.  Unionized in 2020.

Our Board of Directors…

Dan Gordon

Union President

Nevada State Police – Trooper

James Mortimore

Executive Vice President

Department of Wildlife – Game Warden

Tommy van Oeveren

Vice President

Nevada State Police – Trooper

Michael Bradford


Jennifer Johnson

Nevada State Police Parole and Probation

Robert Conely


Nevada State Police – Trooper

Jaime McGuire

University Police Services

Kyle Groth

State Parks

Luis Villanueva

Nevada State Police – Trooper

Reesha Powell

Executive Director

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